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New England Genealogy Services

Genealogy Research Application Form

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Please understand that this "FAMILY TREE RESEARCH" service cannot and does not guarantee specific findings in advance. It simply is not possible to know what may be found until after the research has been conducted.
Please complete the following form to request genealogy research services. Please note that payment is required prior to search.

First Name
Last Name
Postal Mailing Address
Zip Code
Daytime Phone
e-mail address
Ancestor's Full Name/gender (male/female)
Ancestor's Birth Date, precise date is not needed, but the year of birth is required, or at least a close year span. (note: MUST have been during, or before, the year 1920 IN THE U.S.A.)
Ancestor's Birth Place, precise place is not required, but at least the State or Province is required
Ancestor's Parents (not required if an exact birth date and state/province of birth is provided - if not, at least the father's name is required)
Ancestor's Siblings (if known)
Ancestor's Spouse (if female please provide her MAIDEN name, if known)
Ancestor's Children (if known)
Your relationship to Ancestor
Ancestor's Date of Death, if known (year is helpful, precise date is not necessary)
Ancestor's Place of Death, if known (at least the state/province would be helpful, but this is not necessary for research)
Miscellaneous notes you feel would be helpful - please be BRIEF
$50 - 2 Hours
$75 - 3 Hours
$100 - 4 Hours
$125 - 5 Hours
$150 - 6 Hours
$175 - 7 Hours
$200 - 8 Hours
$225 - 9 Hours
$250 - 10 Hours

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