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New England Genealogy Services
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Greetings, from Strafford County, New Hampshire!

By definition, genealogy is a record or table of the descent of a person, family, or group from an ancestor or ancestors; a family tree, lineage or pedigree. The study or investigation of ancestry and family histories.

My name is Michelle Perry and I really enjoy genealogy research and can conduct a thorough genealogical search for you. My research has been successful in several countries and many states and I am probably most helpful to people needing help in my local area that includes Strafford County, New Hampshire and Maine. My experience is in searching many sources in New Hampshire and Maine, including records held in historical libraries, county archives, court records, deeds and mortgages, cemeteries, newspapers and more. I can find copies of births, deaths, marriage certificates, census records, military files and more.

Did you check to see if your ancestor filed a Last Will and Testament? How about property - did they buy, sell or inherit real estate? I can search for all these documents and more, and sometimes they are very revealing. Want a picture of a gravestone? Need a copy of a birth certificate? An obituary? Please e-mail or call me at (603) 332-0102. I can provide you with impressive ancestral charts and descendant reports with facts and sources quoted. Searches are not limited geographically and I am quick to respond.
I have over 15 years of genealogical research experience in New Hampshire, Maine and New England. The fee is $25/hour plus out-of-pocket expenses for copies, fees, postage, etc.


New England Genealogy Services
11 Chestnut Street
Rochester, NH 03867

(603) 335-5867

Or e-mail:

New England Genealogy Services - 11 Chestnut Street - Rochester, NH 03867